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wrong recharge offer

Complaint Details: 
i had recharged my mobile through online by using aircel website the recharge was done sucessfully. but balance was not credited to my phone account with aircel. i recharged with 60 rupees. i need to get 70 rupees talktime balance. the value of recharge is topup online recharge offers for 60 rupees they are giving 70 rupees talktime. but it was not done. This is cheating customers with wrong plans. tracking customers in wrong should necessarily take action about the companies for violation of regulations towards customers. i think that you can do justice for this issue.please protect yourslf & save others from this issue.

Complaint against Aircel India

This Forum has no authority to action against the Service Providers if they give unsatisfactory service to their customers. You are advised to send an email directly to the Nodal Officer of the Company and request him to be fair and give correct credit for the recharge amount. If not satisfied you may appeal to the Appellate Authority of the same Company. If you are still not satisfied you should change the Service Provider.

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