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wrong amount and froud by aircel

Complaint Details: 

dear sir
I have two numbers from aircel in both numbers they are cheated me on mobile number .in one number they charged Rs 2000 for internet connection in month of may .they put the complain and settle the amount on Rs 1158 .I have all the details for that but they are not ready to provide NOC and again put the case .
for my other numer they put the bill of Rs 7000 for this month .I m also shock .they increased my credit limit without any notification .these are doing froud again and again.kindly do something against them

Complaint against AIRCELL for excessive billing

You are advised to log on to the Govt Portal : Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System, and lodge your Complaint on the email ID pertaining to AIRCELL of your area, marking copy to this Forum. The chances are that the calls were made automatically due to some faulty connection or software? You may request the SERVICE PROVIDER AIRCELL to rectify the error otherwise you will file a case under the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 1986

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