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Worst service recieved from any company

Complaint Details: 
I have used various electronic gadgets from various companies in my life but I have never experienced such bad quality products and such sub standard service. My phone is dead within 3 months of my using it and the service centre are not helping me. Mobile Gallery & Services,UG-26 Suneja Towers- 2, District Centre,Janakpuri, New Delhi the service centre of Sony Mobile is the worst service centre I have ever been to. They dont help you, they talk rudely to you, they lie to you and have only one response to any query that we do not have any power please submit your phone and then we will forward your complaint.

Complaint against Sony Erricson

Send Notice to the Company that the Mobile which is within Warranty period is not working properly and the Service Centre is not prepared to do anything about it. Give all particulars of the Purchase transaction and about the response of the Service Centre. Request the Company to attend to this Complaint within 5 days, otherwise you will have no option but to approach a Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act at the cost to be borne by the Company.

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