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Worst After Sales Service

Complaint Details: 

I had purchased Micromax Mobile on 04-02-2015. On Aug my screen got broken and i visited to the authorized Micromax Service Center situated at M/S Technique Services, 16 Princep Street, Kolkata - 700072. I was informed that it would be a charges for 1100 to repair the same as it does not cover under manufacturing defect. I paid for the same and at the same time only i informed them that my battery and headphone is also creating a problem. They informed me that aftee the phone gets repaired that would be looked for. I got the phone back after 12 days without resolving the issue, i submitted again and after 5 days again i got the phone. They repaired that screen but created a problem of voice. At that time also i am telling them for the headphone and battery and they are continuously saying that they do not have the stocks but in front of me only they replaced a headphone and battery to the different customers. When again i informed about the voice problem they told me it would take again 7 days to resolve the issue. I deposit again and the very next day they called me and saying that it will take 30 to 40 days to resolve the issue. I got the phone back and when i asked for the headphone and battery they told me i would be getting on 1st of Sep. I visited today and i got response that the stocks has been finished.

I hope i would be getting a response from urs end in a positive manner.
I am attaching the last copy of the receipt what i got from the service center too.

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