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Complaint Details: 
Complaint against Jaika Motors. I am from Hinganghat work as self employee. I have to move city wise here and there for my work. So, I think of buying new car. I go for inquiry at Jaika Motors, Wardha. Where I meet there Sales Executive Vishal. He shows me new vehicle from Jaika Motors and compile me to have Fiat Punto. All this happens in the Month of Dec 2011. I want to exchange my Maruti Omni (MH-31-AH-3083) with new car. So, vishal given me offer of exchange, Finance on new vehicle, RTO Registration, Insurance, on fiat punto emotion petrol 2011. within fifteen days. As per deal Maruti omni’s value is 75000/- exchange bonus is 10000/- and 52567/- by cash or cheque. total 132567/- as Down Payment remaining 415000/- by TATA Motors Finance. The Cost of New vehicle is 629962/- on which if discount is minus then cost is 546567/-. In all above cost they included the cost of Tata Motors Finance fee i.e. 5500/-. Whole deal done by authorized Sales Executive of Jaika Motors with all there rules and regulations. I submitted all paper as per deal to Jaika motors on 12/1/2012. Sales Executive told me that they will provide me finance under KYC scheme. After few day Sales Executive told me that I cant be a part of KYC scheme as the scheme is closed. So they ask me for guarantor. I provide them my father’s document as a guarantor on 18/1/2012. Then after on 24/01/2012 vishal told me all procedure for finance is completed so, I submitted them my Maruti Omni and remaining payment on same date. Then on 25/01/2012 they delivered me my new car with insurance and maruti omni’s submission paper. I bring my new vehicle at home. After that they haven’t even contact me for a month. On 24/2/2012 when I call them for Finance and Registration of Vehicle they, answer me that the finance can’t be done. They ask me for increase in down payment to 115000/- or select another insurance company for finance. As per insurance paper manufacturing is 2011 and value is 10162/- but they told me at the time of purchase of car the insurance will be of 19795/-. I am Self Employed person so I thought of going through new Finance Company. TATA Motors Finance ask me submitted all document to Au Finance as, Au Finance is another company suggested by Jaika Motors and Tata Motor Finance. I submitted the entire document they asked. But after few Days they told me that my Father is not accepted as Guarantor. So, I provide them new guarantor who is my relative name Jaikumar Parate. On giving document they told all thing will be fine now. But, again after few days they replied me that Jaikumar Parate is also not liable for Finance Guarantor. Damaged Occurred When I inquire about Vishal and Manufacturing of car. I come to know that the manufacturing of Fiat Punto is 2010 sept. and Vishal has leaved is Job. And Jaika Motor always makes me wait for Finance and Registration as manufacturing is 2010. I gone with notice to Jaika head office on 26/3/2012 as I will complaint to Consumer forum. I complaint to fiat motors, they told me they will handle all case and talk to there dealer Jaika Motors. I have all the conversation detail like letter and mail from Fiat Motors. But no response from both jaika motors as well as fiat motors. When I send notice to Jaika Motors to go through Consumer forum. They started using unnatural language and told me to they will take my car by force. The complaint is done as they are under act of unfair trend practices.

COMPLAINT AGAINST jaika motors dealers of fiat

It appears that Jaiko Motors are not giving you a fair deal. Exact position seems to be that you have Fiat car with you in exchange of your Maruti Omni, bur not the registration papers. You have signed certain loan papers with Insurance Company of which you should have a copy. You are advised to go personally to the Insurance Company and take advice whether you have legal rights to file a case against the Dealer. Your problem is not very clear as to what you want from the Dealer.

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