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Complaint Details: 
Dear sir, i have been receiving threatening calls from hdfc credit cards from this no 02261453800 repeatedly in my office nos, manager's nos and every where else after 5 years. I had taken a credit card in 2007-2008 and spent 75000 which i already paid them, and thought the account to be closed. i dont even remember the card number. Now, after 5 years they are calling me to pay and outstanding of Rs 250000/-. Everyday i get calls in my office number, and my nos and manager's nos. my ofice people think that i may have committed some crime and i have to feel the embarrasment everyday and all my people are being disturbed. This is causing me harrassment and torture and i am not able to leave a normal life due to fear. i cannot pay 250000 as i am a poor girl living my life with my job. my job is at stake. Therefore, i request you to kindly ask them not to bother me as i have no money to pay them. Whatever, i have spent have paid them already. Please leave me alone. ANUSHA DIA

Complaint against HDFC Bank

You have not given following particulars, which would be necessary to render proper help. 1. Your name and address. 2. The location of the Branch office of HDFC Bank, where you had the account. 3. Account number and type of account. 4. What was the Credit card number? 5. Any record of closing of the account? 6. Any written communication from the Bank? 7. Any one account statement pertaining to the credit card transactions. 8. Your ID proof. 9. An authority to pursue the case on your behalf. Have you reported to the Police for the threatening calls? If not, you may do so now and tell the Police to trace from where these calls are coming? Is it from the Bank which is in Mumbai? (02261453800 is a Mumbai number and calls do not go through when dialed from Delhi). You may furnish the above information in a letter form and send it by speed post for information of the President of this Forum.

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