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Services Not Received

Complaint Details: 
I am using the broadband of the Zylog System India Ltd. I pay them the whole amount of money i.e. 1010 for which I have the receipt. From the day of recharge they are not giving me proper services and when I launched the complaint they didn't even bother about the resolution. I told them when I am facing the problem and told the exact time when I am facing them Instead of giving any solution they for that they send the executive at the same time they send them at the morning time when the user traffic is very low. And the executive even also did nothing. I also asked them to please return my money back and take there services but they are not ready for that. I am Facing a lot of trouble regarding the services and speed as I am not getting what I am paying them. My User Id : A289638 Please look into this and help me in getting either services or my money back. As from the day of recharge i.e. 11 August-2012 i am being mentally harassed by their department.


You must be having email ID of the company's Nodal Officer? Please send him email explaining the problems being faced. Tell him to get the issues resolved within reasonable time. If you are not satisfied you may send email to the Appellate Authority. The question or getting your money back will arise only after their efforts to resolve your problems reach a dead end.

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