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Selling my Document to other banks

Complaint Details: 
On 4 of July I had submitted my personal documents containing my Salary Slip, PAN card photocopy, Passport photocopy, my photographs to HDFC Bank personnel. HDFC bank had offered to provide a credit card in my name after submitting the documents. I was supposed to receive the credit card within 10 working days to my office address, but even after 20 days when there was no response, i called up HDFC bank for details. They said the request has been rejected and no reason was provided. Later on the next day, I get calls from Standard Chartered bank offering Credit card to me. Upon inquiry, the bank said that they have received my documents, which I never submitted to Standard Chartered Bank. In my view, the documents which i submitted to HDFC bank were later sold to Standard Chartered Bank and now my Personal information is floating the market everywhere. I need some strict action to be taken against these bank who lure to offer more and give nothing, instead "SELL" the trust which we have in them. Shailesh Shetty 9833749995


Your complaint is valid against first Bank whose staff had passed on your confidential particulars to the second bank officials. It is wiser to pay a visit to the First Bank and ask the GM, personally the reasons for non issue of the Credit Card. You should get a Credit Card from the Bank in whom you have confidence. These days corruption has permeated to almost all baking organisations.

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