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Salary not recieved

Complaint Details: 
I worked as an HR Executive in The Openings for Jobs,Patna from 16th may,2012 to 30th June,2012.For three months I will be temporary and they said our salary will be 8000per month.For the month of May my salary was given 4000 for half month.But I left on the last day of June for my further studies,they told that by 7th July I will get my June month salary i.e. 8000 but its 5th August and I haven't received my salary.I have been in contact through calls but they say none of the present employee have received salary till then and will be getting soon.But its too late and I doubt they will not give my salary.Please do help me in this matter and tell me what I should do for this.

COMPLAINT AGAINST employer for non payment of salary

It is regretted that Employer and Employee cases are not covered under Consumer Protection Act. You may have to go to the Local Govt for remedy.

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