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Request for proof of using Credit card and settlement of pending case

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir, On 14 October, 2007, I was issued a Barclay credit card (No.4339 5119 5387 3866)which was never used till date. According to the agent/person who insisted me to avail the facility, the card will be automatically invalid after one year if it not used. Surprisingly, I used to receive many calls (few from my records are 0124-6752222and 60004444 on May 5, 2008; 0124-6752222, 4398400, 011-60016001 on August 23, 2008)till September 9, 2008 (Phone 011-46505900 from Mr. Khurram) as a defaulter of Rs. of about 18,000/- and asked me to clear the amount. My questions are: who has used my card, when and where!!! Because I am still preserving the card carefully and safely (seeing the danger created by this card), even not yet detached it from the issued letter dated 14 October, 2008, nowhere it was swabbed. Another day one girl informed me through a phone call that I have drawn Rs. 10,000.00 using the so called credit card and along with the accrued interest the total amount comes about Rs. 18,000.00. One person again asked me over phone to settle the matter by paying about Rs. 3,000.00 only against Rs. 18,000.00 in their office situated somewhere near Satyam Cinema, Nehru Place, New Delhi.I denied to go there and strongly refused payment of any amount. Instead of my going to their office I asked him/them to come to my office (IARI, Pusa Institute)for settlement. After this talk, I have not received any more call for the last almost one year from Barclaycard company. But, the company has put me in a great trouble by listing my name in the CIBIL for which I am facing lots of problems related to loan application etc. I feel I am badly trapped by some fraud party.At present I am not getting any response from all the phone numbers cited above. Hence I am sending this complaint to your good office and waiting for your feedback for solving my burning problem. If requires, I am ready to furnish my card to the competent forum/platform so as to prove that it has never been used. I anticipate your kind and affirmative response urgently. You may contact me at Dr. Robin Gogoi, Principal Scientist, Div. of Plant Pathology,Indian Agricultural research Institute, Pusa Campus, New Delhi-11012, Mobile: 09868148903 Email: Thanking you with regards.


Your complaint appears to be against ghost calls trying to extract money because you have not been using your Credit Card. Kindly clarify following points:- 1. Is the card still active/valid? 2. Have you had any transactions on it after its issue till date? 3. Have you visited the Bank personally to resolve the matter? 4. Do you need this Card or can you do without it? 5. Where is the branch of this Bank in Delhi? 6. Have you checked your account with this bank that the balances are accurately reflected during last 4 years? Please answer the above points and be advised to return this card after cutting it across to prevent its misuse. A word of confirmation will be appreciated.

Complaint against Barclaycard

1. No, its validity was already expired in October, 2010 (10/10). 2. Never made any transactions. The card is still attached on the Issue Letter dated 14-Oct-2007. 3. I did not visit the bank. Only I used to receive calls. Correct location of the bank was not told or informed to me. 4. I did not feel any need of this card at all and hence not detached from the issue letter. 5. As displayed in the website the address (as on today August 29, 2012) of the Bank is: Barclays Bank PLC First Floor, Eros Corporate Tower Nehru Place New Delhi 110019 Tel: +91-11-4657 9000 Fax: +91 -11-4657 9098 / 99 6. No. The matter was silent for the last one year. Recently I came to know the matter reflected in the CIBIL report while I applied for a bank loan. Your suggestion please: I want to retain the expired card until the problem is solved. The card is in intact condition on the issue letter itself without any markings (scratch) of swab. I think this is only my proof.

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