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A REPLY IS STILL AWAITED: CAREER AT STAKE WITH YEAR LOOS...NO TRUST AS TEACHER STUDENT BOND POLITICIZED Respected, RSD Sir (CKGHOSH), Its Astonishing that for 3609 or Chennai or other RC’s in THERE RC’s Website along with IGNOU main Website WWW.IGNOU.AC.IN there are Notification of Viva Call along with List of Student Name called in the Viva, as per Proof an Attachment Send to you and SSC and from emailid of the Candidate father and too had Spoken with SSC Sushil and regarding these and why these Not for RC – 28 and on Personal Appearances many Twist to Turn!! As a Hallucinations or Say a Mirage. Sir You if want to destroy a Student Career then tell Frankly as I think you Might too haven’t Studied on these Puzzled Way but at least 90 Days above you had taken with full Mental Preparations as if want to Score 80% but here Every Exam before the Twist and Turn is Found. So Request for an Attitude based Support were a Student isn’t Asking for Cheating via Passing Criteria or Doing any Miscreant Activity but Request a Full Mental Freedom of these that with Written as You had Killed his back date Semester Support and still Doing Till date as 24th Nov 2012 was a Proof Just on Record Activity with New Delhi then think at RC then and the below letter Send Via C K Ghosh Sir [Attachment] is too the Proof then who will give for that Period Backup and after these letter Send do Really he was Supported or Lime lighted in / as but True Centre he got in 2010 i.e. 2841 when his Real Tenure Over and why when RC Says why Never Written and Student Will only Written unconditionally as per Official. Hope For a Reply and Consideration, thinking of a student Future who is asking for His True Right to Education with Mental Stability with Full Concentration and Focus and too Hoped he would be in Advance Dictated in Official Letter for Support for June and December 2013 with No Objection Letter. Thanks Yours Truly Shampa Dey
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ILLUSION TO HALLUCINATION.....EMAIL SEND DT 26TH DEC 2012 REPLY DT 27TH DEC 2012 WASN'T AN AUTO-REPLY BUT 2DAY SEND 1ST EMAIL WITHIN 2ND SAME REPLY WAS AUTO-REPLY MEANS AUTHORITY READ THE FULL EMAIL & HAD SET 2DAY AUTO-REPLY PER FORMA... Subhojeet Dey Dec 27 (3 days ago) to M, jkurup, ckghosh, kkkutty, srikantmohapat., vc, vco, vcostudents, directorsocis, bca, master, projects, student, SED, pksinclair, js.cmo.ind, deepa.prabhu, asheshkumar, Kunal, Manohar, biswajit.saha, cm-wb, cm, governance, ignourd28 On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 11:48 AM, c.k. ghosh wrote: Thanks. I reciprocate the same for you, your colleagues and the members of your family. Regards. C.K. Ghosh Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS....BUT MINE NO CELEBRATION FROM LAST 6 YRS NO FESTIVE..NO MONEY...Pre - NEW Year WISHES But MINE Can't Withheld More Pressure to Thoughts On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 11:47 AM, subhojeetdey wrote: Thanks Sir and Request to Help Me and as Pr - Request Please Give me June 2013 & Dec 2013 I Will Complete all 20* Left Paper with 70 - 80% Marks But with a Letter of No Disturbances and No - Reregistration Fee as Puzzled from 2006 and on these thoughts Normal Life Ruin.. Irritated.. Illusion.... and Requests Same do For the MCA VIVA 2012 July Reality Investigation or Previous Jan BCA Jan 2008 or MCA 1st VIVA January 2010 or Again to be on January 2013....Information Via Letter ATLEAST 7 DAYS OF COMMENCE OF VIVA DATE NOT LIKE BCA CALL AT NIGHT 11:00 PM OF INFORMATION OF VIVA NEXT DAY MORNING FROM 10:00AM.... Sir mine Colleagues all Left IGNOU due to these in 2007 / 2008 as Time was Precious and they Completed there Degree's From SKMU or PTU or KSOU…just gave Money and Passed as support was there Not Puzzled but Nor I have Source or Money so I am here Confused Puzzled and Mine Family Member Mother Father Both Physically Handicap* had Forgotten from last 6 years What is festivals , AS THEY SPOKE THE FACT OF SOME ATROCITIES POLICE TO PARTY TO DALAL on these HOOLIGAN METRO WERE GROUP-ISM TO LOCAL TO SOFT TWIST VERSION IS THE REALITY WITH BACK STRAP. Thanks Sir On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 10:52 AM, c.k. ghosh wrote: Thanks. I reciprocate the same for you, your colleagues and the members of your family. Regards. C.K. Ghosh On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 12:56 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: Re: C THE SLIGHT CHANGE SLIGHT BUT MAKE GREAT IMPACT,CAREER : A LETTER WILL SHORT ALL & SEE IN 2 SITTING JUNE + DECEMBER 2013 I WILL & I WOULD WITH 70 - 80% MARKS...BUT NEED BEFORE EXAM 1 MONTH PRESSURE & PUZZLE FREE OF IGNOU THOUGHTS..... On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 12:38 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: Enrollment No: - 044636067 BCA + MCA INT Respected, SSC, You could see in these Confusion or De-puzzle How Much year Killed then Why as Requesting a Letter is Not Given in Written which will Short all Issues when You asks Everywhere a Written Application as Per Your Wish or Strategy which No were is In Rule Written when You Nor Timely Provide Books to Study Center Puzzle between Study Center, Assignments, Practical’s & its Attendance, Synopsis, Project, Viva…. Even No Interaction Class and When Query a Sir of Some Subject concern Asks Why Would Tell No Commission or >>>>>2838 ( P ) / 2839 / 2814 / 2841 ------ 2843???2802??? D P SINGH 9883167895 SUJIT SIR Regional Director 9433092719 BIKASH IGNOU 033 - 23349850 IGNOU DELHI 011 - 29535714 SRIKANTH MAHAPATHRO [ SRD ] & C K GHOSH MOBILE NO LOST DUE TO MINE THEN SET DAMAGE OR I HAD ERASED THERE NOS AS UNDERSTOOD THEY ARE IRRITATING ME IN VARIOUS ILLUSION’S OR IMAGINARY MATTERS NOT CONCERN TO MINE SUBJECT CONCERN AS PER PROSPECTUS BUT THEY WERE SENIOR SHOW HAD TO OBEY AS ALL VERBAL ON MOBILE CALLS CONVERSATION BUT NEVER GAVE IN WRITTEN, WHO CALLED ME TILL 2009 …IF NOT SHOW HOW ALL THAT TOO NOT IN MINE CURRICULUM THERE PRACTICAL PAPER ATTENDANCE WAS PROVIDED…JUST…AS YOU ORDER AN APPLICATION AS PER YOUR VERSION THAT ONLY I AM REQUESTING FROM 2010 – 2011 A WRITTEN LETTER MENTIONING 2 YR GRACE PERIOD WITH NO PRESSURE TO DAYS TO MONTHS KILLING…TO BE NOT TO BE…..A FEAR TO PUZZLE TO SIT ON EXAM AT END……WHY IRRITATE OR HAD TO AS DONE 23 – 24TH NOVEMBER 2012 POPUP EVERY YEAR AS FROM 2006 GOING ON…. A REQUEST…a Letter and TILL December 2013 No Objection but a Letter in Written Request. Yours Student Unlucky Subhojeet Dey Re: RAPE KILLS THE SOULS 1 TIME RAGGING KILLS THE CONFIDENCE TO ENERGY TO TRUST FOR LIFE = TIME " WHEN SPOKE THE TRUTH OR LIME LIGHTED THE FACT " RESULTANT EVERYWHERE ...MONEY MONEY MONEY On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 2:58 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: MORE VIDEO ARE UPLOADED FOR REFERENCE AS HOW THEY RAGGED ME IN VARIOUS WAY VIA ROOM NO:- 4 GUYS AS HAVE CS - 74 , CS - 05 PRACTICAL IN 2007 - 2008 AND WAS FORCED TO GIVE PRACTICAL EXAM OF THEM AND FOR ATTENDANCE AFTER IT ON CENTRE CO-CO-ORDINATOR KILLED MOST ENERGY AND GAVE EXAM AT SONARPUR PRACTICAL CENTRE IN 2008 / 2009 BUT LATTER SAID SORRY YOU HAVEN'T HAVE IT....NEXT SAME DO FOR CS - 68 / 69 WHICH PRACTICAL EXAM GAVE IN 2841 IN 2010 / 2011 ...LATTER SAME SORRY......AS SAME LIKE YOU HAVE TO GIVE BCS-061 NOT CS - 69 WHEN GAVE MARKS UPHELD AS IT WASN'T NOT MINE PAPER WHEN FILLED CS - 69 IN EXAM FORM BUT WAS IN HALL TICKET CAME BCS-061 AND EXAM FORM WRONG GIVEN IN JAN 2010...WHO KILLED WHOSE TIME AND SEMESTER...WOULD BE PROOFED HERE........IN THE 1000 VIDEO'S UPLOADED ...AND WOULD PROOF WHY STUDENT CARRY ?? OR RECORD WHEN MOSTLY VISIT REGIONAL CENTRE'S OR ITS WORKOUT...MONEY MONEY THEY SAYS.... SEMESTER OVER...THEY SHOULD BE GIVEN TO EAT MONEY IN JAILS OR...LET THEM SEE FOR WHOM THEY WORKS NOW WHAT HELP THEY WILL DO...STUDENT REQUEST A HELP BUT DOESN'T HOPE FROM A EDUCATION TEMPLE THESE TYPE OF ILLUSIONS. “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” “Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it.” “I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.” On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 9:24 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: Tired Want To Sleep as TO BE NOT TO BE IS A PRESSURE CREATION..THE THOUGHT'S 6YRS PASSED EVERY YEAR SAME?? DECEMBER 2011 HALL TICKET UPLOADED ON 30TH NOVEMBER 2011 SAME DO JUNE 2012/JUNE 2011 ON MAY 31ST 2012 / 2011..ME SITTING AT RC THROUGHOUT BEFORE EXAM DAY OR ON EXAM DAY TILL JUNE 1ST 2012...SAME ..VICE-VERSE AS LIKE THESE YEAR..AT END....ME PUZZLE.....LIFE CAN'T GO THESE WAY......... NEED ATTENTION FOCUS CONCENTRATION TIME [ OF SOME STRING OPERATION AT REGIONAL CENTRE BIKASH BHAVAN , WOULD BE RECENTLY UPLOAD OR BE SHOWN ON NATIONAL TELEVISION ]…dt 04/04/12 Why the Main Authority [Receiver] Moving away from His Chair & get Outside the Room to Inform & get instruction from whom [ Next Part latter via other Journalist??Recording Outside ] & after few minute Again Entry Showing Busy on Computer Work but on other side but not on his real Sit as just Busy ON Show off [For His Job Permanent Workout , How Corporate?? Higher uses the Lower or Temporary, Remaining Himself Neutral or Limelight.. As Like Room No:- 4 Guy all Temporary , Young….2011 Till ]…. What was Said on August 2011 MCA Synopsis Rejection…to New Synopsis Summation on Nov 2011…Next Upload would be Along with 1000…. Other Visiting the RC…. Wrong Information..& Surprise Why in VIVA Student Record the VIVA…. as Else No BCA 81 It Reverse in MCA 18?????2 MARKS when VIVA 1 Hr continuous & When to Some Only 2 Min????……………The Proof…Who Doesn’t No What is Difference between .Net & C++ or JAVA or Ever haven’t Seen or Worked on its Platform Gets 142 out of 200 but Some 1 Who is Lime lighted & had 6yr Experience get???Even Crosses…Yes We are Student and Teacher is Guru No1 could defeat a Teacher or Guru as Experience and Respectful…Surprise When Software Visual Studio .Net 2010 Not Available with License version How One Unknown user of its background have it & Makes Project & Secure Such Marks..Else as Like me as Dec 2011 attendance of CS – 75 was Forgotten..Thanks to a Girl Popup THAT DAY when in the Room 15 Students Recall that there too attendance Not taken..And Exam was over & Copies Being taken…2814….Centre Room No 112 it was as I Remember…Same in June 2012 CS – 05 or Say June 2011 all 12 Paper Gone……………………………. TIRED WANT TO SLEEP……of the thought A RELAXATION...WHEN A THING DOESN'T TAKE PLACE IN TIME WITH PRESENT PAST MISMATCH PUZZLED..A NORMAL LIFE..AS IT CONSIST OF MANY HURDLES TO OBSTACLES CREATED VIA HOOLIGANS..THE RUMOR..HUMOR . ALL IS WELL IF END IS WELL WITH ENERGETIC RESULT!


x Subhojeet Dey 1:52 PM (10 hours ago) to dec, projects, ignou2008, RD-Kolkata, gpwbroadcasting, M, Manohar, master, bca, vc, gpradhan, c.k., ignoursd, student, jkurup, pksinclair, Registrar, SED, SRD, srikantmohapat., sregrievance, sred, bcc: mail, bcc: speakoutnation, bcc: bob.roy On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 11:23 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: SUCCESS IS 99% ATTITUDE AND 1% APTITUDE With reference to my e-mail to you dated 2nd January 2013-01-04 till today I have not received any letter, informing to attend viva for above course again. It is astonished to note that centers like JHARKHAND, CHENNAI, DELHI and other centers you have informed the student by letter [SPEED POST] along with on there RC website list of appearing candidates names but center like KOLKATA you have not enclosed list of appearing candidates nor through letters direct to home, informing the venue and dates of viva. I don’t no why so. It is the matter for Judiciary & MEDIA. The law of the land & MEDIA will take its own course to know, why you have not informed the candidates by name. I am waiting for it because I have informed every thing to media with an every copy of correspondence with you and audio of every conversation with you. You have destroyed the image of IGNOU and ideas of distance education. I have every proof of your action towards the students and proof of your negligence towards them. Is not a proof of your negligence towards the student that you have not informed the appearing candidates by name or a general letter enclosing a list of appearing candidates? My previous letters to you will proof your highhandedness towards the student. Again I request you to please have a mercy on me and give me free chance to complete my study, but with Time in hand and Mental Freeness. Till now due to your negligence I was only running hither to thither to search my study centre and attendance, I have paper evidences to proof and under such circumstances how I will complete my study. I have proof you have rejected my synopsis for no reason, and I have proof, a synopsis like me, has been accepted by you same time. Why? Your action towards me was SAUTE-LA from the very beginning because I had pointed out your mistakes immediately so you dislike it. It was the reason and till today I am pointing out your mistake and coming days I will continue it because you have destroyed the ideas of distance education but you have been appointed to built it .It is a destiny of the fate no body are going to protest it but joining the private institution to complete their study but I have no capacity to join private institute to complete my study. HOPE YOU WILL HELP ME. Is it Not Surprising that Student anyhow Via stammering Complete BCA then Shift for MCA to other Private Institutes / Universities, why as the Reason above, TIME and SUPPORT. With hope you Will HELP ME. Yours Student Subhojeet Dey (BCAMCA INT) (Enrollment No: - 044636067) On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 3:41 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: Re: DISTANCE EDUCATION IS MONEY LAUNDERING TO AS SPENDING ON AS LIKE WHITE ELEPHANT - SHOW OFF...THEY KILL TIME THEN SAYS " TENURE OVER" BUT IN DURING TENURE..THE PUZZLE TO KNOCKING DOORS TO AS LIKE MUSICAL CHAIR,DO I AM SAFE HERE ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Subhojeet Dey Date: Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 3:30 PM Subject: CHECK THE ATTACHMENT TITLED " LETTER SEND AFTER THEN "....B4 & AFTER ILLUSION TO HALLUCINATION..WOULD I VISIT YESTERDAY...REPLY & NO USE AS IN THESE NO 1 COULD STUDY OR CONCENTRATE...WITHIN MIN UPLOAD 2 DELETE RECORD...BUT TIME To: "c.k. ghosh" ,,, Cc:, student service centre , SED Grievance , Registrar SRD , bca , master in computer applications , Director SOCIS , socis , vco office , VCO Students ,, mail , Re: " NO - REPLY " Re: WHITE ELEPHANT "RC-28": PROJECT VIVA DT 05TH JANUARY 2013 & RE - REQUEST FOR FREE RE - REGISTRATION FOR JUNE - DECEMBER 2013 A LETTER...IN WRITTEN INFORMATION...SEE THE MARKS THEN BUT PRIOR INFORMATION - A REQUEST On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 12:30 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 12:55 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 8:48 PM, Subhojeet Dey wrote: Respected Sir, Today at about 7 PM.I astonished to see , after opening inter-net , that you have uploaded a letter dated 12.12,2012, advising the student for viva at BIKASH BHAWAN. I had already advise you that on July 2012 you had issued the same letter for viva and I went there but after spending full day I was informed that my name was missing and I immediately inform you the matter. Again such type of letter has been issued from your end and I asked you can I appear there as a candidate for my pending viva for above course or not? If yes please advice immediately and request you please don’t spoil my career. Please have mercy on me and allow me to appear for viva I also bring to your notice that the students of IGNOU are mostly belongs to either middle class families or from lower middle class families and, I am sure, most of the student are unable to afford for internet. I also put a question what will be the fate of the students living in the interior villages, where internet connection is still a dream.Why you stopped issuing letter to the student informing any matter regarding the education and there subject as Upload and De-upload be Ease with Twist? . All Previous Emails and Attachment do Request to Refer for Present Verses Past. With Regards. Yours Student Subhojeet Dey Mob No: - 9143044172 (BCAMCA INT) Enrollment No: - 044636067

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