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Renault- Worst Customer Experience

Complaint Details: 
Hi, I booked the Renault duster on 19th June 2012 from Renault Delhi West Showroom. My priority no. for the same was 108. Initially I was promised the Car in the first week of August, then I was told the Company is not sending the model which I have booked(85PS RXL) and my car will be delivered by 15th of August. But today it's 31st August and still the company and dealer are not providing me any confirmed date for the delivery. I have dropped like more than 10 mails to Renault Customer Care, have made like dozen of calls on their Customer Care but still I never got any reply from the Company. This is the worst customer experience i have ever faced with any Company. Renault has really made my state pathetic. I even sold my old Car just going by the promises they made to me and what i got in return for keeping faith on the Company was worst experience of my life. I just want that company should deliver my car ASAP. I know people who booked their cars like around 10 days after me from the same dealer and have still received their vehicle(Same model and colour that i have booked). On this who is on fault the company or the dealer.


What is so special about Renault car that there is a heavy demand for it? How much advance have you paid for this car please? Would you like it be paid back for non delivery of the car or file a Complaint in a Consumer Court for unfair Trade Practice? There appears to be no one at fault. One has to be patient while he is in the queue.

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