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Religious sentiments hurting and drubbing due to negligence of airlines crew.

Complaint Details: 
Sir, I was travelling in business class in Indian air lines from Pune to Delhi. i have booked the ticket on line and gave a special request for veg Jain meals. in the flight the serving crew has asked for my preference again and being strict vegetarian again mentioned my choice of veg meal if Jain food was not available. eventually food was served without the top foil and i could realise that it was non veg food only after consuming it partly. i am a jain and follow strict veg diet since my birth as every one in my family. we even do not touch egg through out in our life. in the mansoon season even onion and garlic is not taken. it was a big shock for me and i had vomiting in the toilet. once it was brought to the notice of crew they offered alternate food but for me it was a deep shock and my religious sentiments were totally shattered. I have lodge a complaint on board as well as at Delhi air port after reaching. the replies received and my communication with the air lines are enclosed which are self explanatory. i wish to take up the matter thro consumer forum as i m not at all satisfied with the action taken by the air lines. in fact they tried to hush hush the matter without actually going through the details. it is requested to take up the matter with concerned authorities and I must be compensated suitably. thanks and regards. Pravin Mehta

COMPLAINT AGAINST indian airlines

We are sorry to hear about sentimental hurt caused by the air lines staff. There appears to be no monetary loss, unless you developed medical problems? It is obvious that the Staff had erred grossly for which no monetary compensation arises. After all, we are all INDIANS, and to pardon the ignorant is in our teachings.

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