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Regads to my Nokia Lumia 720 complaint

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir / ma?am, I bought a Smart Phone Nokia Lumia 720 for Rs. 17,902.00,from one of the renowned outlet Jumbo Electronics Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Shop # 111 A UGF,Fun Republic Mall, Gomtinagar-226010, on 22nd- May-2013. On 13rd-July-2013 due to the lines on my phone screen all over , I called up the sales executive Mr. Ratan of Jumbo Electronics on whose pursuance I bought this mobile.He said he is not able to help me. I made to visit the Nokia Care, Aryans Communications 6-B Park Road, Jaiswal Complex, Hazaratganj,Lucknow-226001. After 10 minutes of waiting they told me that one of the two points inside the back panel of my phone found missing and it is the reason due to which the lines are coming on my mobile screen.Immediately after this they asked me to pay Rs. 7400 to get my phone repaired under trade. This had come to me as a jolt and I got shocked.At that very moment I had a word with Manager Cum Owner of that Service Center and he had listen to me and said that we would send it to Noida Service centre and after approval we will cover it under warranty,but it will take around 15 days.So I extended my thanks to him and and left the premises with Service Job sheet. After Waiting for almost 20 days and not getting an update from Nokia care, I called up one day.One of the Lady executive first told me that your mobile has been repaired and need not to pay any cost for repair and should come and collect the same. After a minute or two I again got a call of the same Lady and she said that phone could not be covered under warranty and same has not been repaired under normal warranty due to physical damage. Sir /Ma?am, I do not understand why one should damage his own mobile which cost him dearly and upon all this it is bought on Loan with Bajaj Finserv. There was not a single scratch on whole body as it was used with flap covering.Apart from this they also told me that my mobile is getting open physically for the first time in the Service center itself as it has no tampering. Now I feel cheated and depressed after such reaction from the whole Nokia team. Please help me to get my mobile repaired without any charge as soon as possible because every day my work is getting hampered. Paritosh Kumar 07408429874.
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