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Refund of order money .

Complaint Details: 
I had participated in a contenst for "Apple 4G iphone" on 26/12/2011 organised by ( . But I was offered an IPOD (Sony) and a WRIST WATCH (Reebok) in place of the prize , for participating in the contest . But the courier that I recieved ( in First Flight Courier Services ) having the " Order No. - 1748226 & Consigment No. - LF0149420 " on 11/02/2012 , sent by them , consisted of ipod of some local brand(Universal) in place of Sony. After that I talked to their Customer Representative regarding this on the same day (11/02/2012) , on which I went to recieve my courier . And he asked me whether I wished for cancellation of order and refund ; and to return the courier , which I had agreed to . Moreover, even on returning the courier , as they asked me to , I was neither refunded with the money nor replaced with the product (Sony Ipod and Reebok Wrist Watch) as promised by them , even with repeatative assurance by them on 11/02/2012 and 16/02/2012 . Due to this I had been under constant tension , frustation and depression , aside from the monetary loss of Rs.1393/- { namely ----- Contest Participation Fee - Rs.99/- Cash on Delivery(for courier) - Rs.1164 /- and Courier Charges(for returning product) - Rs.130/- } caused due to ( Several times I had to go to the Courier Service Provider (14 kms away from my residing place) and ask for any positive response from "" . Moreover , as I am a student , and preparing for my exams , I am under regular pressure and depression which are severely affecting my papers and results . Aside from that I am being mentally harassed by their Customer Representatives , for asking about my refund . Hence , I wish to be considered for both mental and physical suffering and torture caused due to "" and should be properly compensated by them , through proper monetary value and appolizies , as soon as possible .


You are advised to send email to the Service Provider, in this case the company that sent you the wrong goods. Presumably, it was Suksh Technology Pvt Ltd in Bangalore? Please confirm. Request them to refund the amount of Rs.1393, within seven days, as otherwise you will lodge a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act 1986, and will ask for expenditure incurred with compensation for mental agony caused. The wrong goods had been returned through the same courier who was engaged by this company to deliver the consignment. Please attach a copy of the Consignment Note which gives full particulars of the transaction. You should mark a postal copy of your request to the Co-coordinator of the Consumers Forum, Mr. N P Manaktala (I-301, Som Vihar, New Delhi-110022, )

Refund of money by

Sir , with due respect I have to state that I had submitted a complaint against " " on 18th Feb 2012 , regarding the refund of money for the participation in a contest organised by them . But inspite of the official notice given by you to them , they still have not initiated the refund for my money . And they haven't taken any real interest in returning my money inspite of your request and my several petitions . Instead they are asking me to purchase once more from their website in place for my refund . For which they haven't provided me , even the entire balance that I had to given to them . Moreover , to make it even worse ----- 1. They are selling the goods at far more prices than the other online goods sites. 2. They are charging for shipping on any amount of purchases , which on other sites is free of cost (free home delivery) . 3. They don't provide any warranty or purchasing bill with the goods they deliver . 4. Their shipping services takes 7 to 10 days more to deliver , even in India in comparision to other sites . 5. They don't even care to provide the actual informations regarding the products or services . So , due to the above stated reasons I don't wish to further purchase any product from them and get more of my money in vain or risk , and also not to get any more problems due to them . Therfore , I kindly request you to ask them to provide me the refund of { Rs.1393/-} ------ Contest Participation Fee - Rs.99/- Cash on Delivery(for courier) - Rs.1164 /- Courier Charges(for returning product) - Rs.130/- as soon as possible ( 7 to 10 days would be really appreciated ).

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