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Poor response of vodafone nodal officers

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You deserve better service after having paid the amounts. You should send an email to their Appellate Authority giving all the relevant details in brief and preferably giving reference complaint IDs. You may mark copy to this Forum, but eventually only the Service Provider will be able to help you.

poor response of vodafone nodal officer & internet connectivity

Dear Sir, Through this e-mail i approach you with great expectation that perhaps you will be able to help us. I had opted to purchase Vodafone K3770 Dongle in my name Kunal Budhraja (for Rs1400) and Vodafone post paid connection 9811304189 ,under my sisters name Bhavya Khattar (for Rs 250 as security amount) from Vodafone Post paid from Punjabi Bagh branch on 14th May 2012 and I was given an assurance that my plan of 198 ,3GB on 2G a formal customer agreement from is provided to me .A confirmation of the same was given to me by Mr.Umesh one of the executive at Punjabi Bagh outlet. I further assured that all services will be good, and the was confirmed to me by Mr. Pankaj one of the executive also present out there at vodafone outlet. On 17th I was confirmed that my plan is acitive and is ready to use. But on using it I found services quite poor.Network ,connectivity and even frequent disconnection was there. I complained regarding it at over the vodafone compliant no. 9999904040 ,198 ,111 but with no avail. I visited vodafone outlet on 24th May and I was assured things will be sorted out by 28th may by Mr.Gaurav (another executive at Vodafone)i.e within 3 working days . But with no response from any-one. I nutsell from 17th May to 24th May 2012 , I might have registered min.10 complaints with vodafone customer care , but with no response from each side. I again visited the place on 29th May with further assurance from Mr. Sachin (branch incharge) at Vodafone,Punjabi Bagh branch that things will be sorted out by 30th May. Over there I was made to realise that my bill was wrongly charged and my monthly bill plan was changed without any confirmation from 198 plan to 550 plan .For a preiod from 14th May 2012 - 27th June 2012, I was charged 1125.47 (excluding tax). Over there Mr.Sachin emailed regarding it to the concerned authority.And on my request for refund of my charges , I was asked that person who will visit your place can only place a request for for refund status. On 29th May around 3:00 pm Mr.Rupinder (one of the person innvolved with network services ) visited my place .He gave his remark that he our system needs to formated.And the distance of Vodafone tower from my place is 100 mts.After getting my system formated with even new hard drive,which I received on 5th June 2012 , I got the same error.And for any refund I should visit Vodafone store . But after further correspondance with them,I found the problem still persits with the asked Rupinder for help . After min.25 calls made to Mr. Rupinder , he said that there might be some problem with my dongle. On 5th June 2012,I visited the store and meet Mr.Sachin , he said he will need another 4-5 days to replace the dongle. For which I objected.Over the extra bill he said no response is received.On my refund part,he replied that he needs more time to resolve and refund will take place only after a period of 60 days. I have no more have inclination to avail the service Vodafone. I request to please take the matter on your hand and refund me the amount of Rs 1650 at the earliest.In a span of 20 odd days , I have visited min. 5 times over Vodafone Punjabi Bagh outlet. I had even made at vodafone complaint center at 9th June 2012,9811098110 and complaint number given to me was 297834027. I tried coordinating with Vodafone nodal officer, Mr.Nizam Khan through vodafone delhi nodal complaint center 9811699317 ,on 9th June , 12th June , 13th June , 14th June and 15th June respectively. Everytime he assured that things will be settled in a span of 24 hrs, but I didnt received any call from him at any front from last 7 days .Rather on 15th June 2012 ,he told me that he will call me by today evening and there will not be replacement of any dongle amount of Rs 1400 and no refund will be given for any case. If this is the response of nodal officers than I suppose things are not turning well with vodafone. Too much of mental agony and harrasment has been done by Vodafone officials. Incase any amount needs to be paid from my end over ussage of vodafone broadband services , please let me know. Thanks

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