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Phone dead within 2 days from receiving from the service centre

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir, I have to inform you that I have purchased Sony Ericsson phone model no. MT11i @ Rs 18,000/-(copy enclosed) from JLK Enterprises,G-2 Padma Palace, 86 Nehru Place, New Delhi wide cash invoice no. 2286 dated 14/02/2012. This is to inform you that my phone was having a problem of hanging and accordingly I delivered my phone for necessary repair to your service centre, Mobile Gallery & Services,UG-26 Suneja Towers- 2, District Centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi wide the workorder no. SE31278013235 dated 16/07/2012. Moreover my phone is under warranty. I was told that it mother board has to be changed. I received my phone on 27/09/2012 that is after the period of two and a half month. It worked fine up to 2 days then it started to show a problem that it keeps on restarting itself. I took my phone to the same service centre on 29/09/2012 where they checked it and told me to come on Monday. My phone has been dead since then. It is not showing any activity. When I took my phone to the service centre on 1/10/2012 they told me its motherboard need to be changed and my phone has to be submitted again. Moreover I talked to Mr Harpreet Singh, In charge of your service centre, Mobile Gallery & Services, New Delhi, that my phone was in your service centre for replacement of mother board for more than two months but he did not responded to it and told me if you want your phone to work submit it else I can not to anything. I did not submit the phone with them. I am facing a great difficulty without my phone since last 2 and half months. This is again necessary to inform that such a delay and wrong method in repair of my phone is definitely spoiling the reputation of the company. I once again request you to look into the matter and issue me the replacement with new mobile phone as I think my phone cannot be repaired. Kindly respond on my mobile phone or on email as soon as possible. Your sincerely Vipul Gupta Ticket Id: 93380495 Workorder no.: SE31278013235 Phone no.: 7838443360 Email Id:

Complaint against Sony Erricson

Your Complaint should have been sent to the Company directly please. We are neither the agents nor the associates of this Company. In case you wish to file a Complaint in a District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum under the Consumer Protection Act, you are expected to send a Notice to the Company to attend to your complaint within a specific time. Kindly do so.

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