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Philips Citrus Juicer HR2774

Complaint Details: 
After looking thru specification of 300 watts Juicer Philips Citrus Press Juice Extractor on Philips site I purchased model no. HR2774 with serial no.1203401388 costing Rs.Rs.752- from Flipcart in march 2012.After getting the product it was found from the specification on the packing box ,that the Juicer is having power of 25 watts and not 300 watts which is wrongly mentioned on PHILIPS India site,but on PHILIPS international site the power (torque) of the juicer is correctly mentioned as 25 Watts.The specification on PHILIPS India site has mislead and got me the wrong product.Then I contacted Philips Consumer Care (India) by email and also talked to Sh.Chandan Kumar Thakur.My complaint was registered on 3rd April 2012.Then I did not get any positive response from Sh.Chandan Kumar Thakur and he informed on phone that the product is 300 watts only and not 25 watt and was asked to contact local PHILIPS service agent.The local PHILIPS service agent also sent me the specification which is wrongly posted on PHILIPS India site as it is 300 watts juicer but actually the product is 25 watts.I talekd to them but they said we can not help.Then I sent fax to PHILIPS India on april 17th to manager sales about problem but no response.Then I contacted PHILIPS NL(Holland)and got reply from Communication from PHILIPS Holland(NL)against my complaint #: 50-1056209574 on 4th may 2012 they informed Dear Mr Lad, We confirm to have received your e-mail about your Philips product. I'm very sorry to hear that you have bought a kitchen product that's not having the right specifications you thought it had. Unfortunately I'm not able to solve this problem for you. The best you can do is contact Philips India to ask what the possibilities are to exchange the product or get your money back. The number you can use to contact Philips in India is: 1800 102 2929. I really hope the problem can be solved quickly because really believe this isn't what you expected and you are not satisfied with this. Kind regards, Mr.Talien Aukes Philips Nederland. Then I contacted PHILIPs India customer care but no response is received at 1800 102 2929 no response is received. Then in may I contacted National consumer Forum on toll free no. and my docket no.s 00379867 ,I was asked to again sent fax to MD of Philips India. Then again I sent fax to Managing Director,Philips India Ltd mentioning about response from PHILIPS NL but no response is received. Kidly help me out to get the required product of 300 watts PHILIPS citrus juicer from PHILIPS India. Mahendra Lad


Your ultimate requirement is that the Juicer should extract juice of the citrus fruit. Does it do its primary function or not should be high lighted. The wattage indicates the Power consumption and not directly the torque. You can take the case to a Consumer Court under Section 2(r) of the Consumer Protection Act 1986, for Unfair Trade Practice and wrong labeling. But you will have to pay for a laboratory test to confirm the rating is wrongly specified to deceive or mislead the consumers. Before filing a Complaint you are expected to give a written Notice to the Company to return the money paid for it since the product does not meet the specified rating. Please go ahead, and be ready to face the ordeal if you are not satisfied with the Product.


Juicer is not used by me and is packed yet.In my view the power consumption indirectly relates to torque.Even the difference in wattage is not marginal and is too high 25 W as against 300W mentioned on PHILIPS site.Moreover the same product is specified to have 25 W on PHILIPS international site but is wrongly specified as 300 W on PHILIPS India site.SO I think no torque test etc. should be done.I have paid for 300 W juicer (as per india PHILIPS site)and is supplied with 25W juicer,So I should get 300 W Citrus juicer extractor.

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