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Passionate Courier withholding my Specs for a week

Complaint Details: 
To, The authority deemed to work for the interest of consumer. Madam/Sir, My father has sent my specs in courier using Passionate courier services from Azamgarh on 23-02-2012, but even after one week and despite constant tracking I am unable to get my specs. I am being student of IIM Ranchi, have been unable to catch up with the course due to my vision problem and I am going to sue this courier company for my losses. Please help me, let these miscreant know that you can not provide any kind of service you like and do away with it. Thanks in Anticipation, Deepak 09430319470


You can certainly file a complaint against the Courier Service, but you will have to give following Particulars to give you the procedure to be followed: 1. Address of the Courier 2. Name & addresses of Sender & consignee, with No.and date of the consignment Note. 3. The monetary value of the specs,and cost of its replacement. The procedure is a bit lengthy one but you can get compensation for the costs, mental agony and harassment/inconvenience caused. Pl keep us informed of the progress. You may inform the Courier that you are approaching the Consumer Forum for help.You may mark a copy to the Forum.

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