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Not delivering the Microwave oven (model: 20 SC2)

Complaint Details: 

My Microwave oven became unserviceable on Sep 15. I register several complain to IFB customer care. At last local dealer of IFB (Daljit Singh)took the oven on 23 Nov15.After that he did not given it back because he did not get the parts from IFB.I called several time to IFB customer care and sever top official of IFB. Every body gave me the same reply : : "It will be rectified by 2 days". But till now they did not give my oven back. My latest complaint No is: 16977867 dt 29 Nov 15. In last 3 months I talked to several officials of IFB, starting from local engineer, area manager to top Officials( Mobile No:9041472742)but al telling me lie.I got AMC also.(ICR no:191516000393 and Tin No: 03331117360)then also company did not give me service. I am paying every year for renewal of AMC but not getting service. I am frustrated now. Whenever i phone them , no body give me the correct answer. So please help me. If any information required please call me. I am giving you few number: IFB customer care: 180030005678
Regional Dealer: Sandeep Kar(01616451155) and another top official:9041472742. My mob no are 9815806794 and 9815806876.Please help me, thank you.