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Non Receipt of payback by the broker as promised at the time of booking the flat at 3Cs

Complaint Details: 
I had purchased a flat at Lotus Boulevard Espacia and we were promised pay back by our broker at the time of booking. Later on the broker said that payback would be given after 50% of the payment of the flat is made and after that they said it would be adjusted in our forthcoming installments..........but all in vain..... My broker was Savn Marketing at that point of time who had booked the flat through Krishna Infratech who is the channel partner for 3Cs. Initially Krishna Infratech said that my payment has already been released to Savn Marketing but after cross checking it was found that they have not released the said payment. In addition the employees of Savn Marketing has now joined Property Guru and they are now adjusting my payment with Property Guru against their flats booked in some other venture. Now both of them are blaming each other but my money is struck........The great IRONY is that 3Cs has raised their hands that they can't do anything.......... I don't understand when 3Cs knows that their channel partner is doing that thing, why they are not taking any is making me believe that they have joined their hands with their channel partners and they are also enjoying our money.. Needless to mention that Mr. Sanjay Yadav and Mr. Brijesh Bhanote, both of them are non-cooperative....I request you people to please advice me what action to be taken to get my money back. Mr. Sanjay Yadav once told me that he has cross checked it with Mr. Ajay Bhasin of Krishna INfratech and my payment has already been made to Swan Marketing / Property Guru. But during my visit to Krishna Infratech's office it was found that there are no documents available with Krishna Infratech that my payment has already been released............ The contact details of all the personnel mentioned above are as under :- Mr. Rahul (Property Guru) - 9971780345 Mr. Ajay Bhasin (Krishna Infratech) - 9810269725 Mr. Brijesh Bhanote (3Cs) - 9899297650 Mr. Sanjay Yadav (3Cs) - 9958999679 I can also send you the emails which have been exchanged and hence is a proof that i have to take the money from these people. Regards Meena Bachhety 9811556629
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It is a fit case to be taken to a Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum or State Commission, depending on the amount involved, according to the Consumer Protection Act 1986. You are advised to engage an advocate to file the case against both the Promoter and the Broker. Both have connived to deny the rightful pay back which was presumably shown in the Agreement or Contract. It is a tedious and lengthy process.But you can get compensation for harassment mental agony and costs.

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