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Non payment of entire contract salary

Complaint Details: 
Good Day Sir/Madam, I, Vivek Jaiswal, worked in the capacity of Designated Chief Engineer on M.V. Neel Kamal(IMO NO: 8316558) owned and manned by Varun Shipping Company Limited has been betrayed and suffered from financial fraud by the company. Company has not paid for even a single day of my tenure from 19th May 2012- 3rd July 2012. When asked for the salary over phone company said that salary will be paid at the end of contract. When I signed off on 3rd July 2012 from vessel I asked about my salary, company promised me that salary will be remitted within a week, which they failed to do. Now, company is not enterataining my calls and not replying for my messages/mails. I have been cheated and harassed by the company and hence forwarding my grievance to you. Kindly look into the matter and help me in this regard. I am sending you the scanned copy of my contract letter as well as article of agreement attached with this complain for your kind reference. Thanks&Regards Vivek Jaiswal +918896642694
Article of agree ment.pdf68.28 KB
contract letter.pdf65.35 KB

COMPLAINT AGAINST employer for non payment of salary

Such complaints do not come under the Consumer Protection Act 1986.

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