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Non credit of money by ICICI to credit card

Complaint Details: 
On 10th Mar 20120 I booked train tickets from NGPAY using ICICI card with an amount of Rs 3131.37. Then I cancelled the transaction on 3rd June 2012. NGPAY refunded Rs 2896 to ICICI Card and ICICI Bank as provided a Successfull acknowledgement along with a reference no 75425312165150481400879 on 8th June 2012 for an amount of Rs. 2896.00 However, till now the money has not been credited to my account even after innumerable calls. I stopped using credit card. Whatever balance is on credit card is due to the amount which they have not credited. On top of this ICICI is imposing late fee. They have raised a dispute SR 231304274 on 15th July but no update. Ms Prativa and Promodini are 2 persons who were dealing with this. They are now simply escaping my calls

Re : Non credit of money by ICICI to credit card

Hi, We have made a note of the service request number and we'll get in touch with you at the earliest. Regards, ICICI Bank Customer Service Team


Send a Notice to the bank by email followed by Speed Post letter, to say that not giving credit for the amount of INR 2896, is a deficiency in Service and that you reserve your right to approach a Consumer Court if the amount is not shown correctly in next 5 days. Give references as given in your complaint. Mark copy of this Notice to this Forum also for info.

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