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no proper response

Complaint Details: 

ref id #1931177
problem stucked at boot logo
problem started on dec23 2015 . i called yu care to get my work
done.they gave me a date of 7 days from day of complained.
when i called them to know the shipment status yu care said it will
take another 7 days
then very hardly they gave me a waybill number of delhivery courier
(343511641146) .
but when i waited a long and contacted delhivery they said that
package is not shipped yet.
when i called them to enquire about the issue thwy again said that it
will take time of 15 days to deliver .
date when they issued waybill= 5 january2016(15days from complained)
now they again requested 15 days (5jan+15days =20jan)
date passed away but no work is done
when i called on 26 they demanded for 7 more days (those 7 days ends today)
now they are again asking for 15 days .
in between those dates i contacted amazon f9r the refund or
replacement of phone
they strictly refused saying that it is not possible without a D.O.A
certificate and yu is saying that it is not their policy to issue doa i want the now i want compensation for the money that
i wasted in the wasted calls calling yu care...