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no delivery by even after 25 days of payment

Complaint Details: 
i ordered a Samsung galaxy s duos mobile on Jan 1,2013(order id 10379790) from after 9 days i raised a complaint ticket(ticket no:55662 or 65662) on their website about not changing the status of my order from awaiting shipment in their order status section. They replied with an e-mail saying please bear with us until 3 weeks(the time claimed on the website for delivery). But now, 25 days have passed and i still haven't received my mobile(and 16GB memory card in offer at that time). i have already talked to their customer care executives 4-5 times and all they provide me with are lame excuses. One of them even claimed delivery for today i.e. 25th Jan,2013. This has caused me extreme mental stress also.