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never buy intex phone it makes your life a big mess.

Complaint Details: 
Dear sir, After listening negative feedback from many intex customers I bought it I bought on 2-08-2011 But I have become one among thousands of sufferers. 1. when I press the green(dial button) entire screen is Glowing Bright and goes into sleep mode then after couple of mins it will ask to fill basic settings, like time and date, after entering all again it will ask me the same. I never get dialed numbers. 2. First day I have seen battery is full after that if I charge one hr it will indicate battery charging, 2hrs, 3hrs, 5hrs it keep showing battery charging. It never get full. and after only day suddenly it jump to RED(end). 3. Phone sync. It does not have proper PC SYNC. I tried days together, it is not syncing. send me as attachment updated pc sync to transfer all my 1800 contact details in to this mobile. 4. I don't have a service center in Tirupati, AP, PIN: 517501. 5. And You people have taken 3months to replace the mobile but again it is reoccurring the problem. 6. Now it is showing number unknown number in existing contact name. These are the tipical problems I’m facing with this mobile. Please respond soon. My Phone model is IN5030e M_IMEI: 358329020584166 S_IMEI: 358329020686169 Hope you will respond soon and replace my mobile immediately. Warm Regards, Sridhar Anjuru Email: Email: Mobile: +91-9440247231 Personal: +91-9000300690


It is suggested that you please send an email to the manufacturer and to the Dealer who sold you a defective Mobile Set. You must give the Cash Memo reference and the amount paid for the same. Request the Manufacturer to either replace the defective Set or to refund the amount paid. Give him reasonable time to attend to your request, failing which you will lodge a Complaint in a Consumer Court at the Cost and Expense of the Manufacturer. It is regretted that we are not the supplier of the Mobile Set and hence we can only guide you whom to approach. The rest you have to do yourself. You can take further advice of the Service Provider in your city.

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