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Complaint Details: 
TATA SAFARI REG NO MPO9 CJ-5045, CHASSIS NO MAT403723BNC03935, ENGINE NO.BYYJ05111, INVOICE NO jabInd-1011-02017, PURCHASE DATE 30/03/2011, OWNER UJJAWAL SANGHVI We purchased the TATA SAFARI from Tata’s authorized dealer m/s Jabalpur motors ltd Add. Block no route no 1 new siyagunj, Indore on 30th march 2011. Right from the beginning my Tata safari was giving problems I’m having Starting problem. On the dashboard service light blink & vehicle does not start OR stop while running, & These problems were shown to Jabalpur motor workshop but the problem did remained and we were not satisfied it, we requested at the same time to give replacement but it did not happen, they advice me that Jabalpur motor is a dealer not manufacturer, get connect with Tata motor. Then we approach Tata motor customer care service by mail &by phone but they are not interested in solving problem & never reply my mail. I sent safari to Jabalpur motor workshop for repairing, 22 times for same problem since purchases but my problem is still not solved. (Can anybody imagine 22 times at workshop from 12 month, which means almost 2 times in a month). My safari is still at dealer’s workshop (22nd time) since 07 April 2012. We insisted to JABALPUR MOTOR& TATA MOTOR that this particular unit is of inferior quality, defective and problematic from the beginning & we request to give replacement of the unit so that our confidence & faith is restored in them. But TATA MOTOR & JABALPUR MOTOR Indore is not ready to give a replacement and not ready to give me my money back, and insisting on repairs, why we should have a vehicle which is giving problem from day one. Can consumer has any legal right to complaint regarding this & protect our right to have quality product? Please reply if have any law regarding this. Is there anybody who can solve my problem or please advise me that how I can get back my valuable money from Tata motor . Thanks & Regards Ujjawal sanghvi,