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Manufacturing Defects

Complaint Details: 
I had purchased (HR26BV1679) TATA SAFARI EX 2.2 Dicor VTT on 17th Oct 2012 from ABS Motors, Gurgaon. The problems with the car started on the very next day of the delivery date i.e. 17th Oct, 2012. I had visited ABS Motors , Gurgaon couple of times after the delivery date to inform them about the problems. Mr. Ronak & CRM (FATIMA) of ABS motors stated that this is because of Air lock. So they suggested me to pump the Air bleak to resolve the issue. Following are the issues with the Safari car (HR26BV1679): 1. Morning starting problem. 2. RPM Hunting. 3. It takes around 15-20 cranks to start the engine and most of the time the engine doesn't start. 4. Noisy doors. 5. Missing rubbers pads. When I visited the showroom third time they sent me to the workshop for check up. Mr Mool chand (Mechanic) and Vinay Sirvastava (GM) checked my car on 30th Oct 2012 but neither did they open any job sheet nor did they make an entry. No gate pass was issued at that time. They said that the vehicle was perfectly fine and I could take it on highway. On 31st of Oct, 2012 I traveled to Ludhiana (In-Laws) and my vehicle broke down (Morning Starting Problem) and it had to be towed away by Dada Motors, Ludhiana. Please refer to my case history as I have registered 3-4 complaints with toll free 24*7 Tata Support Team. Complaints Numbers: 1. 1-17465729585 2. 1-17390971489 3. 1-17479105764 The mechanic at the Dada Motors said that it would take around 5-6 days to fix the vehicle (Due to Fuel System Problems). As I had to reach Delhi at the earliest he temporarily fixed the vehicle to enable me to reach Delhi. After reaching Delhi I had to take my vehicle to ABS Motors, Gurgaon Workshop. They opened the job sheet and kept my vehicle for 7 days. Lucus Engineer and Tata technical team inspected the vehicle and they concluded that the injection pump and rail pressure pipe was defective. So the injection pump and Rail pressure pipe was changed and the vehicle was delivered on 10th Nov, 2012. On 11th Nov, 2012 as I had to travel to Allahabad it took 6-7 cranks to start the vehicle. After reaching Allahabad next morning i.e. 12th Nov, 2012 I tried to start the vehicle but could not do so. Hence, the car had to be towed away (Again Same Morning Starting Problems) by G.P motors, Allahabad. The fuel tank of the car was opened by the workshop and they observed some sticky substance in the fuel tank. In opinion of the supervisor this could be the substance of jaggery /sugar mixed with the fuel and the same was intimated to Sumit Kumar(CSM) through email on 16th Nov, 2012 before carrying out any repair/replacement on the vehicle though the vehicle is under warranty. On 17th Nov, 2012 I have personally visited the workshop since no repair was carried out till date. I personally checked the fuel tank in presence of mechanic and supervisor and found no trace of sugar/jaggery. The sticky substance could be the result of synthetic material settled in fuel tank .We have further observed in the fuel tank an iron spring and rubber part for which photographs are available with me. I wonder how these foreign materials are lying in the fuel tank of this brand new vehicle is anybody’s guess. Iron spring and rubber part found in the fuel tank was not covered in the observation forwarded by the supervisor. I am sorry to say that the previous workshops failed to identify the issue with the fuel tank. They only provided the cosmetic service and handed me the vehicle stating that the vehicle was totally fixed. There is a total negligence on their part. It could have proved dangerous to the lives of my family and me when I traveled on the long route with the defective vehicle. Photo proof of the rubber part, spring and the sticky substance inside the fuel tank is with me for your perusal. Since 12th Nov 2012 my vehicle is lying with GP Motors, Allahabad and Instead of fixing the vehicle under warranty they are blaming me for the cause of contamination whereas on the date of delivery the dealer filled 5 litres of fuel before handing the vehicle to me and on the very next day the vehicle started giving problems. Now, they are escaping from their responsibility & duty. They promised to provide me with loner car for my daily commuting but later they refused. Now, I & my family are left with no choice but to travel by public transport. I have been emotionally, physically and financially drained due to the number of visits that I had to pay to the workshop and the number of calls that I had to make to get the defective vehicle fixed with no success. It could have proved dangerous to the lives of my family and me when I traveled on the long route with the defective vehicle. Due to unavailability of my vehicle I have to travel by public transport and Due to reservation unavailability I am missing many of my social functions with my family. I am highly disappointed with the standard of repair services provided by these workshops. I have lost my attachment with this vehicle provided by the dealer due to frequent mechanical defects. I would request for the full replacement of the vehicle and the compensation for the mental agony & harassment that I & my family are suffering with.
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