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Indigo Plus Service

Complaint Details: 
PNR IIQMCE With reference to the above PNR number I had paid for Indigo Plus for both my wife and I (Passenger Names Mr. Divyaroop Bhatnagar and Mrs Devi Muthu Bhatnagar). We had booked seats 5C and 5D on 6E 285 from Delhi to Chennai on 25.08.12. On arrival at the airport we checked in and I did not realise till later that our preassigned seats had not been given to us. However the boarding pass clearly specified that we were NPLS passengers. In other words the booking had gone through. I came back to the Indigo counter after going thru security and were extremely badly treated by a lady from your check in staff who said that we had not made an Indigo Plus booking at all. I would like to make a formal complaint about her behaviour. The fact is that we travelled on different seats 22A and 22B on the flight inspite of paying the amount for Indigo Plus. On reaching Chennai I called Indigo Customer Care and spoke to an agent called Ahmed. The call was made on 25.08.12 at 10:13 am He said the following: The Delhi check in staff had made a mistake by not allotting us the reserved seat. Indigo Customer Care would contact me in the next 3 days and rectify the matter with a full refund. Nothing has been done uptil now.


Please send your complaint to the General Manager of the Airlines, explaining the whole episode and quantify the refund amount you desire. If the Airlines refuses to give refund you have strong grounds to approach a Consumer Court. Moreove, when you make Complaint to the Consumer Court you can request for a Compensation for causing harassment and mental agony.

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