Skip to main content is not giving help & support as he promised me at the time of selling their product

Complaint Details: 
I purchased a domain package from it is a Indian company. I am facing problem from last few weeks. MY all the website running on server is been hacked by hackers due to low security features by company. They hacked my website and delete all my content from the server, now i am trying to make contact from but they are not responding. promised to give 24/7 Live Support Team but their online support system is always offline promised to give 24/7 phone support but the phone given to me is out of order. promised to give 99.9% Uptime Guarantee but my all the website running on server is been hacked due to slow security features. All the website of is working fine but their contactus page is not working. Please take some serious action against this company. This is a fraud company and are cheating with us and making us fool. are not giving us any kind of help and support.

COMPLAINT AGAINST hosticulture web site

Mr. Jain had not disclosed in his complaint that he is operating a site "sundaytosaturday", and allowing alleged indecent/vulgar contents. This allegation must be answered. If certain sites are violating the RULES in India, the matter will be looked into by TRAI.

Please contact our support

We see that you posted this on 13th August, but you never raised asked for support in our online support system. Our ticketing system is our first line of support. Your sites were hacked due to your using insecure & outdated versions of wordpress and plugins from dubious sources. We had advised in July to upgrade and patch to the latest versions of the software, but we don't think you done that even now. You raised your first ticket on 18th August which was resolved immediately. Further, out of your 4-5 sites, some sites are clearly in violation of Indian rules. For instance now that we have checked your sites, your site is liable to be suspended / terminated due to posting of indecent / vulgar content. We are still willing to resolve all your issues, if you still have any, but you have to make the effort to login to your client account and raise a support ticket for the same. How else do we know that the client is facing any problem? Our support team is always ready to work in the best interest of our clients.


You are advised to send mail to the Service Provider about the problems being faced by you due to some unknown 'HACKER', and tell him that if satisfactory service is not restored you will report the matter to the Police. Give some reasonable time to the Service Provider to restore your data and to give satisfactory Service.

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