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HomeShop18 delivred defective product and now not replacing

Complaint Details: 
Hi, I bought product "Princeware Senorita 32 Pcs Pet Storage Set" in 1999 from HS18 and its defective product.when i call them and email them then they said they will replace it and will pickup from home but still i am waiting from last 20 they are not replying of my emails so i decided to teach them that they cant cheat indians like this.i decided to go to consumer forum and also decide to complaint to broadcast association of india. HS18 think that consumer are fools but they are wrong. So i would like to request to take action and return our money. Regards, Raghvendra Bhargava 9826233465

Complaint against Home Shop 18

You have stated that the Pet Storage Set of 32 pieces was bought in 1999. Can you please check again on date of purchase? If it is correct, don't you think it is too late to report about the product having been found to be defective? When did you notice the defect? How many pieces were found to be defective and what is the nature of defect? Is the product not usable? What is the surety that the replacement will not have the same shortcomings? You have reported the matter to the Online Trader to replace the product but are still waiting for its collection. Presumably, you have not requested the Trader to refund the money paid? Kindly be advised that you have every right to seek redressal of your grievance under the Consumer Protection Act 1986, but you have to prove that you are the genuine purchaser by showing the Payment and Delivery documents, with your residential address. Kindly mail them to this Forum for further advice.

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