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HOMESHOP 18 looting the customers

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Complaint Details: 
This is regarding the order number:968424137 placed with Homeshop 18 for Flamingo Premium vericose veins stockings. I had placed the order in the 1st week of April and was delivered to me 3 weeks later. the product received was Flamingo Vericose veins stocking instead of Flamingo premium vericose veins stocking. I called the helpdesk and raised a complaint for refund but i was informed they would replace the correct product. i wasnt very keen on replacing but the representative force me to go for a replacement.The product was delivered on 23rd May when i was out of town on a official trip , on returning 1st May i checked the product and found the same incorrect product been sent again and i raised the complaint.dint receive any ticket number or response since then.reraised a new ticket on6th and got a call on 7th where i was told that instead of a refund they would help me shop for 650/- insted of my bill price of 550/-.On listening to the entire episode the executive one lady kept repeating we cant process the refund or exchange as i havent made a complaint within 48hrs.I explained her that i wasnt in the country to check the product and meet their 48 hr SLA. the product carton stated if the product is damaged or defective then the call needs to be raised within 48 hrs.. Not sure why is the same policy applied to a incorrect product been sold under name of premium. the price of regular Flamingo is 350/- and price of premium is 550/- HOmeshop 18 is sellingregular flamigo stockings in name of premium stockings and cheating on peopleafter arguing with executive for 15min, staying on hold for 10 mins my call was transfered to 1 Amit who dint have basic ethics of letting the customer speak, he was yelling on me and saying the same thing that nothing can be done.. i kept explaining to them this isnt a damaged product that i should raise the issue within 48 hrs. when i wasnt in the town.this is a incorrect product sent by Home shop 18.. then my call was transferred to 1 amrita from complaint dept who kept saying the same thing. This kinda e comerce who cant make exceptions or understand the basic difference of policy between damaged product and incorrect product suckkk..and thats why amazon and flipkart are prefferd. Homeshop 18 needs to stop selling incorrect products under the name of something else everytime. STOP looting common man of their money using useless policies.

Delivery of wrong product by Homeshop 18

Presumably, you had paid in advance for the product and you had received a wrong one. The Online trader is not giving refund but is making alternate suggestions. This sort of behavior is not surprising and deserves to be condemned. It is not worth taking the case under Consumer Protection Act in view of the costs involved & the time one has to spend. Just Avoid dealing with this Trader.

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