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HDFC bank credit card fraud

Complaint Details: 
This is in the reference of the fraud done with me. I am using HDFC credit card ends with XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-7435. There is two transactions on my credit card on 3rd Dec’12. 1) 3/12/12 at FIRETAP INTERNATIONAL, LONDON : Rs 23,762.64 2) 3/12/12 AT EFLOW.IE, DUBLIN : Rs 1500.80 I have called the customer care as soon as I have seen this message and asked them to block the card and decline the transactions. Transactions are been done at London & Dublin, how that is possible as I am from Rajkot (Gujarat) India. This is a fraudulent activity been carried on my card without my knowledge. I refuse to pay this amount. I kindly request you to please take some action this. I confirm that these transactions are fraudulent and I haven’t involved in any of these transactions. Awaited for the kind reply with a solution ASAP. Regards, Jaydeep Manwani +91-9898101110 Email:-

Complaint against HDFC Bank for FRAUD

This being a case of FRAUD, you must report to the POLICE besides blocking any further transactions. Hackers are plenty in INDIA now a days. Best of LUCK

hdfc bank credit card

Guys, Please help me with this as I am facing huge problems with this. Request you to please take some action ASAP.

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