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Fraud Contractor for construction of my house

Complaint Details: 
I had a contract with a civil contractor for building the roof of my house with 14 pillars. The amount estimated was 5 lakh 21 thousand rupees, which included 5000 KG of steel, 300 bags of cement and some more material required for the construction including labour. The area is around 1400 sq mtrs. And when I saw the construction work, The material used was not really that much. He just used about 3000 kg of steel and 150 bags of cement (overall bad construction too). I have paid the whole amount and he just constructed 12 pillars on 1050 sq mtrs of area. Now he is demanding more 85 thousands Rupees to continue the work and to construct those two pillars and the roof on those pillars. The construction work he did is not good too. The steel (sariya) of roof and pillars is peeping out. I am not at all satisfied with whatever he have done I really need your help. Can you just let me know, If I register a complaint in consumer court then the court will find out how much material did he use and the quality of construction he did? Also what do you suggest me to do?