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FDN by builder and penalty amount for the delay.

Complaint Details: 
I have purchased a flat in Ghaziabad (KDP Grand Savanna at Raj Nagar Extn) in Oct, 2011. I have got a FDN (Final Demand notice) in the month of month of Dec, 11 in which they have advised me to make the final payment of the remaining 15% amount. I have made all the payments with what is writtten in the FDN and nothing is pending. Now, today when I went to their office, they have showed me an amount of INR 25000 which they are suppose to take as an interest. They are telling that the payment which I have done initially for 85% amount was delayed(Rather than 30, it was 52 days) and that's why they are charging this interest. Also, they are telling that the FDM was issued due to human mistake. This amount should have been present in that. Additionally, they have issued me one more letter of posession in Oct 2011 in which it was written that the possession date is in Dec 2011 (+- 3 months). I have asked them to pay me the penalty because of delay (As mentioned in their letter) but they are telling that they won't pay the amount because they have issued the FDN to me in Dec 2011. They are offering the possession now from Jun, 2012 (From which the maintenance will start). The amount asked by them is >25000 INR which is totally unfair.

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