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Delay in delivery

Complaint Details: 
I have ordered two products from : 1.Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Kit 1TB Hard Drive (Black) -Order #10241348 2.Nokia BL-5C Battery -Order #10241346 on 21/04/2012 by advance paying Rs. 6056. More than one month has passed but still the company has not delivered the products in spite of the promise of delivering within 10-15 working days. I am tired of waiting and losing the hope that I will even get them. I have called their customer care many times but they always promise to deliver in 4-5 working days which never come. The company is taking advantage of advance payment.. I am willing to cancel my order but I am afraid that I would not get the refund in time... Due to this single reason I am still waiting for the products.. I want your site to help me getting my products as earlier as possible.
timtara - Order #10241346.pdf168.38 KB
timtara - Order #10241348.pdf168.49 KB