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Deffective Products Deliver & Bad Customer Service

Complaint Details: 
Star CJ has the lousiest customer service and delivery. I had ordered an INALSA Food Processor and a defective product was delivered to me in the first place. Further, I complained about the defective piece they stated the new product will be delivered to you. Another piece was sent to me which was again defective. Again I complained and the customer service people do not know how to speak to the customer and also does not give correct information. It is been a month now I have made the payment and unable to use the product. I don’t even know as to when this product will be delivered to be. It seems Star CJ is only interested in attracting customer for the 1st time and then lose them. I am not going to buy any product in future from Star CJ. I would also recommend other not to Buy from Star CJ rather buy from the showroom. I would request if you could help me in this regard.


There is response from the original complainant. What is present status?

I would like to add that bad

I would like to add that bad client support is when you do not take plenty of a chance to help someone because it is not successful to you in any way. it is neglecting a client.if you get a concern and you do not know the response then you should relate them to someone who can response their


This is a fit case to be taken up in a consumer court for refund of the amount paid under the Consumer Protection Act 1986, for supply of defective Home appliance INALSA Food Processor by Star CJ Company. The replacement was also found defective. It is necessary to give following information: 1. Invoice/delivery note, amount paid, warranty, User Hand Book etc. 2. Location of the supplier/manufacturer, 3. Dates of receipt of appliance and reporting of defect, nature of defects. You must send a final Notice to the company under a Registered AD post, giving ten days time for refund as otherwise you will be left with no option but to file a Complaint under CPA 1986, at the cost and expense of the Company. You may mark a copy to the Consumers Forum for further advice. No comments can be made on the behavior of the customer complaints handling staff of the Company. It is wise not to order things Online in future.

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