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Complaint Details: 
, MY TATA SAFARI REG NO MPO9 CJ-5045, CHASSIS NO MAT403723BNC03935, ENGINE NO.BYYJ05111PURCHASE DATE 30/03/2011, I’m having Starting problem since purchases. On the dashboard service light blink & vehicle does not start OR stop while running, I sent vehicle 22 times for same problem since purchases but my problem is still not solved. (Can anybody imagine 22 times at workshop from 12 month,that means almost 2 times in a month) i invest my money for running a vehical not for the workshop for trouble shoot. My Tata safari is having a multiple fault problem from purchases but Tata motor & dealer (Jabalpur motor Indore) don't care about the problem I am facing. My safari is at dealer’s workshop (22nd time) since 11 April 2012. Today(25/04/2012) my vehicle was ready for delivery after 15days of waiting at Jabalpur motor indore workshop but when we (I,Tata motor supervisor/adviser& mechanic) went for trial it was as usual stop running and service light blink and there was also a leakage of coolant. Is there anybody who can solve my problem or please advise me that how I can get back my valuable money from Tata motor .