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, MY TATA SAFARI REG NO MPO9 CJ-5045, CHASSIS NO MAT403723BNC03935, ENGINE NO.BYYJ05111PURCHASE DATE 30/03/2011, I’m having Starting problem since purchases. On the dashboard service light blink & vehicle does not start OR stop while running, I sent vehicle 22 times for same problem since purchases but my problem is still not solved. (Can anybody imagine 22 times at workshop from 12 month,that means almost 2 times in a month) i invest my money for running a vehical not for the workshop for trouble shoot. My Tata safari is having a multiple fault problem from purchases but Tata motor & dealer (Jabalpur motor Indore) don't care about the problem I am facing. My safari is at dealer’s workshop (22nd time) since 11 April 2012. Today(25/04/2012) my vehicle was ready for delivery after 15days of waiting at Jabalpur motor indore workshop but when we (I,Tata motor supervisor/adviser& mechanic) went for trial it was as usual stop running and service light blink and there was also a leakage of coolant. Is there anybody who can solve my problem or please advise me that how I can get back my valuable money from Tata motor .


It appears that this vehicle suffers from chronic trouble which could not be rectified by the authorized dealer in your station, despite 22 visits in 12 months. You must get it examined by a qualified Automobile Engineer, and then file a case in a consumer court for having been supplied a defective vehicle. Before that send a Notice to the dealer and Head Office of Tata Motors, to either rectify the defects within 15 days or to refund the cost of the vehicle. Please do mention the mileage the vehicle has done and be specific about the DEFECTS.

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