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Complaint against missing articles

Complaint Details: 
My Name is Amit Wadhwani and I have made an agreement with State Cargo to transfer my luggage from Delhi to Calicut within 5 days. They have got an insurance also on my behalf for this movement from United India Insurance company. I have proofs of that as well i.e. Bills and insurance documents. My luggage got into transit from 30th Jan 2012 and reached Calicut on 9th Feb 2012 night. I have received following items were missing in that. Missing Items : 1) Gas Cylinder (Empty) : Qty 1 2) Activa Mirror Glasses : Qty 2 3) Juicer & Mixer Grinder : Qty 1 4) Bath Accessories (i.e. Tub, Mug etc) : Qty 10 I am being following up with them since 1 month but getting no response. So I am taking pain writing to you. Request your favor to look into the matter and support me for

Loss of items during transportation

You should file your Claim with the Insurance Company, indicating cost of the items missing in transit. You should send a Notice to both the transporter and the Insurance Company to pay for the Items lost, or else you will file a case in a Consumer Court. The case can be filed where the Agent of the transporter resides or the Insurance company has an office in Calicut. You must send your claim & the Notice by Speed Post, giving 7 days for the Insurance company to make good the loss. You may also send a complaint to the Ombudsman of the Insurance company, if there is no satisfactory response. Filing a case is a lengthy process and the details can be given if need arises.

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