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Cheating by builder

Complaint Details: 
I would like to discuss my concern with you. When I had booked flat in 2009, I considered it as one of my most sensible decision. However, the way things are shaping, I am forced to think that this decision is one of my worst decisions. I had booked a flat (Flat no 1558) and at the time of booking the flat I was told that I will be getting the flat by the end of 2011. However, last year I was told that my flat delivery will be delayed as a result I had contacted the management for a resolution. I was provided another flat (Flat no 1966, station 11) with a promise that I will be getting the flat by this year end. However, again I am told that I will not get the flat before next year end. On one hand the flat delivery is getting delayed and on the other hand interest rates are getting increased as a result I am getting sandwiched between an unending delay at and ever increasing interest rates. I want to cancel the flat and get the money back but the builder is not willing to refund the money and has stopped replying to my emails. I request you to look into my concern and do the needful asap.

Complaint Against Builder in AP

You have every right under the Consumer Protection Act 1986, to go to the Court to get justice. The procedure is a bit lengthy and tedious. So you are advised to engage an advocate and take the Builder to a Consumer Forum nearest to your town. You must have following documents ready: 1. Receipt of advance paid and terms of agreement. 2. The residential address of the Builder. 4. Points which the Builder had promised with dates and his failings to stick to the Time schedule. 5. Your reminders given to him in writing. 6. His reply or alternatives suggested. 7. Your request or prayer. What do you want, refund or alternative Flat. After this you must send a Notice to the Builder by Registered post AD letter, giving him 7 days time.

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