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Building Developers

Complaint Details: 
We were tenant since last 60 years in a house owned by a Trust. Now the Trust has sold the said house to a Builder who has taken it for Redevelopment. We have entered into a Registered Agreement, but now the Builder is not ready to provide the amenities mentioned in the Agreement. What can I do to insist him to provide the amenities agreed upon? Can I lodge a complaint against him accordingly? Pls. Guide.


Not knowing full details of the Agreement, it is difficult to give right advice in this case please. When you have agreed to pay for the Services it should come under the CPA. Before filing a Complaint in Consumer Forum one has to send a Notice to the Builder, giving him time to respond. The procedure thereafter is quite lengthy, for which you will have to engage an Advocate.


The act of non provision of amenities, as per the Agreement, does not come under the Consumer Protection Act, since you have not paid any thing to the Builder for redevelopment, or have you? Moreover, it appears to be a Civil case since the Agreement is a registered one. The advocates may find some loop hole in it. Please be prepared to pay their fees and undergo the torture of going to the Courts. You were lucky to have had a comfortable living for good 60 years. Best of luck.

Compensation for Redevelopment & Additional purchase of area

We have agreed to pay Rs. 3L to the Builder for additional area purchased over & above the area allotted against tenanted premises. As said earlier the Builder is not providing amenities as agreed upon. Can I lodge the complaint against the builder in Consumer Forum under the Consumer Protection Act? or is a pure civil case? Pls. clarify.

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