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Booking form documents forged by Supertech and now not giving cancellation amount

Complaint Details: 
Hi, As discussed please find little synopsis of our property case that is in consumer court right now. Need your advice on the same. • Project – Supertech Capetown • Builder – Supertech • Property Dealer – JKM • Booking Date – 20.11.2011 Flat booking details: 1. Booking Area – 1150 sqft 2. BSP – 3217/- (This was forged by either Supertech/JKM and changed to INR 3420/-)(We were not aware of the changed booking document with our faked signature that are in supertech file) Concern: We had booked the above mentioned flat with Supertech Capetown project through property dealer JKM by paying 10% of booking amount i.e. INR 3,75,705/-. (BSP -3217/-)* After 15-20 days we got a letter from supertech stating we need to make additional payment as we have not paid 10% of BSP hence we cannot get buyer seller agreement On contacting JKM we did not get any satisfactory answer so we went to Supertech office to check the case and found that our booking form has be changed and there was some other booking form in our name with changed cost of flat (i.e. BSP – 3420.01/-had been changed). Supertech did not let us take the copy of the forged documents done by them. Supertech did not help us resolved the issue and did not even cancel our property so we had to go to court, and have filed a case against Supertech to pay us back our booking amount along with interest. Now the issue is our lawyer is not taking interest in the case and has not been coming for the hearing and Supertech is pushing the court hearing with illogical responses. We are looking for getting back our booking amount of INR 3,75,705/- paid to supertech in Dec 2011. We have been going on this case for over 1 year now. *BSP – Base price of 1sqft of flat booked. Cost of Flat = BSP * flat area + other charges. Thanks, Sandeep Singh Rawat 9717595936

Complaint against Builder

You have very good chance of winning your case in the consumer court. Only you must fight your case with determination. In a recent case No. CC/628/10 in Consumer disputes Redressal Forum VI Vikas Bhawan Delhi, compensation of Rs.12,51,000 with 10% interest was ordered.

Complaint against Builder

This Complainant has bee advised directly on his email ID, what action is to be taken.

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