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hello respected sir, sub-bharti airtel cheated with me plz help hello sir on saturday 15 september 2012 i recharge my mobile no. 9558339522 with their registered site ( by using of netbanking they deduct 200 rs from my account but on behalf they are not reacharging my account on this no. so i louge a complain on saturday 15 september 2012 and they told me your complain will be resolve within 24 hour . but 3 day go they nither credit money back on my account nor they recharge it and guess what ? their cutomer care person daily told me ur complain will resolve tomorrow . with talking to their customer care no. i lost more then 30 Rs approx. , for mailin of using cybercafe i lost more then 50 rs approx. and the intersest on 200 rs also i last MAINLY THE MENTAL HARASMENT I FACE WITH THALKING TO THEIR CUSTMORE CARE MORE THEN 1 HOUR . SO I REQUEST TO HELP ME TO BACK MY 200RS WITH NECESSARY COMPONSASION SO 2ND TIME THEY NEVER THINK ABOUT CHEATED LIKE THIS . PLZ HELP ME KINDLY RESPONCE HERE I ATTACHED MY BANK STATEMENT COPY the Unique Service Request number is ONRC30916600531 which is i got from airtel PLZ HELP THANK YOU


You should lodge your com[plaint with the Nodal Officer of the Company since such matters of deduction from Re-Charge amount are to be sorted out by none other than the Company itself. Customer care staff cannot be relied upon these days.

airtel cheated me

can you give me the contact address or no. or mail of nodal officer

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