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Airtel 4G Bangalore

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir, On 25th July, 2013 my Airtel 4G no. got activated which I've taken for my office work; and from the very first day I'm facing issues with my device. Most of the times it's not getting started. I found no way to resolve this issue. Even after plugging-out and plugging-in several times, the issue is not resolving. When it's working, if I continuously use it for 3 hrs., the dialler is stopping automatically. And no way to restart it again. This is seriously hampering my business. I called customer care several times to change the device as it's under warranty for the first year, and they sent one support person for a few minutes to my place and I could not show him the exact issue (as at that particular moment it was working fine). But he found that there is poor 4G network in my place so he had taken a note on that. After he left, like any other day, my device started behaving the same way after a few minutes and I again called their customer care (on that day and several times after that day). They said they will send the support person again but they never did that. I put several mails to them regarding the issue. And got reply for each mail saying that they will contact me in 24 hrs. but not a single call they made. Also, they are saying that one complain has been already registered and they are working on that; and after resolving the network issue in my area they will inform me. I tried make them understand that the issue is with the device not with the network , as most of the times it's showing NO DEVICE and the dialler is stopping and not getting started. But they are saying they can only see what their support person had mentioned; they don't bother about what issue I'm facing. Before getting the connection, they assured me in an e-mail to give my money back if I'm not satisfied with the service. Now, they are simply CHEATING. "Dear Sir, As i dis guess over the phone about the Airtel 4G connection ,i can assure you that if you are not getting speed of service as per plan i will take back your device and i will refund your money Rs 1500/- Device cost. Regards Devendra Airtel brodband Services." I'm always ready to provide all those e-mail communication between me and Airtel. Please look into this matter and requesting you take some proper action to stop them CHEATING with customers. Thanks & Regards, Chandranath Mondal Mobile: +91-974-376-2170 Email: Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt. Ltd. 24, Salarpuria Arena Adugodi Bangalore- 560030

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