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Volkswagen Jetta Alloy

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir /Madam Hello, I am owner of VW jetta. I bought Jetta trend line on 2nd June 2011. My car vin no is WVWK101K8AA554565 and Registration no is UK07AK7979. My car has completed 14743 km till now. I have done servicing of my car in regular interval and other maintenance from time to time. Now I am having an unusual problem in my car. Few months back my driver side wheel (Alloy) colour faded off and black spot appeared on the wheel (alloy). I complained the issue to the dealer and asked them to change the wheel (alloy) under warranty. They said me that for clamming warranty they have to report the matter to higher authority and they can change the wheel (alloy) under warranty only when they will get approval from the head office. They took the photographs of my wheel (alloy) and mailed everything to their head office. After few days I got the phone call from the dealer and the service manager over there told me that they did not got the permission to replace the wheel (alloy) under warranty but they got the permission to paint the wheel (alloy) for free of cost. I agreed on their proposal and they did painting job on my wheel (alloy). But from past few days I was getting a shaking experience in my steering wheel whenever my car goes above a speed of 60-70 km/hr and I was feeling waving and shaking experience. I thought that my car is waving and shaking because either my wheel alignment is out or my wheels are not balanced. So for wheel alignment and wheel balancing I went to an authorized garage. But when they checked my car and inspected the wheel, they brought to my knowledge that all the four wheels (Alloy) are damaged and they were not fully even in appearance and were deformed. I went to VW authorize dealer on 30/08/2012 and they investigated my wheels (Alloy) and tried to figure out the cause. They also called the insurance surveyor, but they were not able to find the cause of the damage. The insurance surveyor said that since there is no physical damage in car he is not sure that the insurance company will give insurance claim or not. Although he has referred the matter to higher authority. My car has no physical damage. Neither my cars shockers nor suspensions are damaged. All the systems of my cars are working fine except my wheels (Alloys). So it is my humble request to you to look in my matter and replace my wheels (alloys) under warranty free of cost because there is no physical damage to my car and its other parts (not a single scratch) and it is due to manufacturing defect that all four (4) wheels (Alloy) lost their shape all together and same defect happened in all four (4) wheels (Alloy) in same time. on 31/08/12 I contacted Mr Joshi Surveyor of Bazaj Alliance about the progress of my claim he told me that Insurance Company has refused the claim since it is manufacturing defect. He also told me that he is unable to give me this in writing. On 1/9/2012 I got a mail form insurance that the wheel rims cannot get deformed in a single event when there is no other apparent visible accidental damage to any other part and same does not fall under the purview of insurance cover. Since insurance company is saying the above statement then it means that everything happened due to the bad quality product supplied by VW India then it is the responsibility of a renowned company like Vw to change the wheels under warranty free of cost So I request to change my wheels PLEASE HELP ME OUT Thanking you Your (Vishwa Vijay Singh Deo) Mobile No : +91-9897-55-4444
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