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Non refund of cancellation amount for the go air ticket.

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Sir, I booked an air tkt PNR # Q38SOI from Delhi to Mumbai for 4 persons dated 11/06/12 for amount of Rs 15,348/- from Go Air Airlines. I got it cancelled on 05/06/12 and the refund amount shown to me was Rs 4276/- on the web page(for which i have got proof as soft copy). On further enquiry i was told that the amount shown on the web site was wrong and the amount due to me is only Rs 2668/-. I think this is not the way any airline should behave. Everytime when contacted/mailed the standard response is that they are looking into the matter. Till date no amount has been refunded to me. I request u to pl. do needful. Thanx rupak agarwal Senior Scientific Officer Dept Of Atomic Energy Tarapur,Mumbai
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