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Gaurav Foundation

Non co-operation from Gaurav Foundation

Complaint Details: 
We are a NGO (Starve prevent Foundation, Kolkata). We paid Rs 3000/- Affiliation member fees to gaurav Foundation, It is clearly written on their website ( that they will assist the affiliate member to grow by all means. But when I paid their fees Rs 3000/- since then we are getting total non co-operation from them. When ever I write any e-mail to them they do not respond. They last replied to me on 3rd March, 2012 stating that they had forwarded our project proposal (for funding) to some companies for consideration, Since then we did not received any feedback from gaurav Foundation. And now whenever I am writing any e-mail to them they do not respond. If they could not support us then they must refund back our money Rs 3000/- immediately. They are absolutely cheating others. They give false promose on their website that they support the affiliate members. It is absolutely false promise. I request the help / assistance of Consumers Form so that we can get back refund of our money.
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