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EBazar Ninja

Fake and substandard power bank seller

Complaint Details: 

I did purchase a power bank from EBazar Ninja Order Number (OID10646) for Rs.699. I received a marketing email from this online portal which displayed the item as MI Xiaomi power bank. However, when I received the product the invoice did not mention about MI or Xioami and the product is a fake and substandard item. They delivered the product after 20 follow ups and I did request them to take back the product citing the fake and substandard reasons. They initially agreed after lots of motivation and it has been more than a month that they have stopped responding to my emails. The customer number is also busy all the time and you will never get a chance to speak to them. The problem is that the service is very poor and they are selling fake products openly in the market under the brand of Mi and Xioami. They never the brand on invoice but still i am receiving the marketing emails which contains false misrepresentation about the product. I am attaching the company profile and my email conversations for your reference.

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