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Bad Hospitals in Delhi

Bad Hospitals in Delhi

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Money First for a Bad Hospitals in Delhi

A 32 year old bank employee living in Delhi met with an accident when his bike got hit by an over-speeding oncoming vehicle . Fortunately, he did not receive any head injuries but the impact was strong enough to leave him with a broken knee. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospitals by the passers- by and his family was informed. His elder brother Rajesh went to see him and got him discharged from the hospitals as he had already discussed the case with one of his colleagues who had suggested him to take Satish to another hospitals.

Without wasting any time, Satish was taken to the unnamed hospitals but little did he and Rajesh know that they were up for a rough time in one of the bad hospitalss in Delhi. Initially the hospitals staff appeared to be friendly with them and assured them that the best possible treatment will be made available for the patient. After this they met the doctor who told them that Satish will have to undergo a complex knee surgery.

Rajesh discussed with the hospitals authorities the charges that they would have to bear for the surgery and for the further treatment. The knee surgery was completed successfully. However, this was the time when the truth came out in the open. Although the hospital had done a fine job in operating Satish at the right time but a day later an inflated bill was handed over to Rajesh. When he went to have a word with the management, they said that the reason why the amount is higher than what was initially promised was because there were some added taxes, some contribution towards hospital fund and the patient was admitted to a deluxe room after the operation although no such request had been made by the patient or his brother.

Rajesh protested but instead of admitting their fault, they started arguing with Rajesh. The family instantly realized that this was one of the bad hospitals in Delhi and it was a mistake availing their services.

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