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Aquagard Compact machine under breakdown since 29th Aug, no response even after logging complaint

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Complaint Details: 
This is with reference to my Aquagard classic water purifier machine . My machine is currently under AMC contract with a dealer of Aquagard. The machine is under breakdown since 29th Aug 2012 . I have logged a complaint with Aquagard Helpline number - 02039883333 on 29th Aug itself . The complaint number provided to me was 68005670. But I did not get any response. I followed with same number on Friday evening to enquire that already 48hrs has expired but machine is still not repaired. The helpline number person informed that she would make it happen in next 3 to 4hrs with the help of service provider Jaladhara Services . Incase it cannot be resolved on 31st , she confirmed that the complaint would be attended and resolved on 1st Sept ie. Saturday . But no body - no service engineer from Aquagard turned on 31st Night , nor on 1st ie Saturday morning. We tried to call the dealer / service provider for aquagard - Jaladhara Services but their mobile number is out of coverage area . So we again called back to Aquagard helpline number around 2 or 3pm . They confirmed the case would certainly be attended before 5PM on 1st Sept - and also provided me with the following mobile number - 9326696058. No service engineer turned up on 1st Sept till 5PM , so we called up on this number . He again confirmed that he would send a service engineer either tonight on 2nd Sept ie. Sunday . No service engineer turned up till 11am on today ie. on 2nd Sept also . I am now trying to call this number, but it is switched off. I am having to buy water @ Rs60/- every day for the last 4 days . Moreover the misery that i have to suffer even wen I have purchased a machine from reputed company like Aquagard and also went into a Annual maintenance contract - looks like my money is wasted and I have done a big mistake purchasing aquagard machine .Please help.
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